What’s the difference: ADA CERP vs AGD PACE

Both the ADA CERP program and the AGD PACE program are very similar and recognized throughout the United States and Canada for quality continuing dental education. As a matter of fact several years ago the programs considered merging with each other. The ADA CERP program is affiliated with the American Dental Association while the AGD PACE program is part of the Academy of General Dentistry. Neither program endorses or reviews the content of the program or the provider. They provide guidelines for organizers of dental meetings, presenters and manufacturers to follow so that dental education programs follow a standard to educate the dental professional while protecting the well being and safety of the dental patient.

ADA CERP programs focus on dental education directly related to lifelong learning and direct patient care. AGD PACE programs can offer advanced programs related to clinical treatment as well as practice management and equipment training. Most dental boards require a specific number of hours of continuing education relating to clinical care during a registration period. Credits earned in practice management or equipment training may qualify for Mastership or Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry but not the mandated board requirements.

That is the difference between the two major dental continuing education accreditation organizations.