Available Recorded Programs

Acute Dental Pain Management & Prescribing of Controlled Substances:

Course Description:   1, 2 or 3 hours of CE Available

A Current and Practical Program in Prescribing Controlled Substances is a 1, 2 or 3 hour recorded program that covers all the requirements to satisfy the New York State, NYS, and many other state mandated, Pain Management, Palliative Care and Addiction Education requirements; specifically how to prescribe opioids and other controlled substances.

This program is designed for all prescribers issued a DEA number for the writing of controlled substances from the resident to our veterans about to retire.  Through literature reviews, case studies and professional experience the participant will understand their role is combating the current opioid epidemic and how to safely prescribe controlled substances. Each $55.00 Module is one hour or $100.00 for all three. A discount code will be offered upon completion of Modules 1 or 2 to purchase the full program. All our programs offer a Money-back guarantee upon completion of a course evaluation. 

Course Objectives:

  • Review State and Federal requirements;
  • Establish a pain management plan for your office;
  • Utilize appropriate prescribing practices;
  • Manage Acute pain;
  • Palliative medicine;
  • Prevention, screening and signs of addiction;
  • Responses to abuse and addiction;
  • End of Life Care.

Anxiolysis, Oral, Parenteral and IV Sedation: Essential tools and techniques.

Course Description: 2 hours of CE

Anxiolysis, Oral, Parenteral, and IV Sedation: Essential tools and techniques  is a recorded 2 hour Self Instruction program. This program is designed for all providers of Sedation / Anesthesia from the Dental Student to Seasoned practitioner about to retire. What if you could only take home one technique or concept. This program addresses the four most common pitfalls in outpatient sedation; Opioids, Nitrous Oxide, Hypo-responders to medications, and Larnygospasm.


  • Understand the difference between Conscious Sedation, Deep Sedation and General Anesthesia.
  • Know-how and when to administer reversal agents to recover from a deeper level of sedation.
  • Review the current airway adjuncts and guidelines to treat laryngospasm.

    The New York State 12 hour Sedation & Anesthesia Program for all Permit Holders

    Course Description: Three independent 4 hour Modules for a total of 12 hours of CE.

    New York State and many other states now require providers who offer sedation to complete significant hours of continuing education focused on Anesthesia Complications and Airway Management. This program is designed for Oral, Parenteral and General Anesthesia permit holders.

    I will demonstrate, through case studies, how utilizing TLC, Nitrous Oxide, Alcohol, Anxiolysis, Oral and I.V. Sedation, can help and manage the apprehensive patient. We will also role-play and simulate dental office emergencies. A significant amount of time will focus on airway management by the solo operator or as a team member working with an anesthesiologist. Other courses teach you how to medicate, communicate and delegate. This course pulls it all together and satisfies the NYS mandated 12 hour CE requirement in enteral, parenteral and I.V. sedation.

    • Course Objectives:
    • Early recognition of airway problems and corrective techniques.
    • How to perform dentistry on a sedated patient with an open or compromised airway.
    • Be able to manage anesthesia related emergencies.

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